Fall Leadership Seminar

~ Featuring ~

Aaron Fields
Seattle Fire Department

Aaron will spend the morning discussing fire behavior and tactical considerations for fire ground operations as they relate to recent studies and the application of that information in the real world.

In addition Aaron will be presenting his Drilling for Function lecture. Designed to discuss instructional techniques and information on how to help you be a better instructor and make your drills and training more successful. Aaron's information will help you further understand how firefighters learn and retain information.

Finally he will discuss how to translate the information gained into skills that will benefit your department's fireground success. His goal is to help you increase the effectiveness of skill and experience transmission within our industry.

About The Presenter . . .

Aaron Fields Aaron Fields is a firefighter for the City of Seattle and the OG of the Nozzle Forward. Between his dad, brother, and himself, there is nearly always a Fields member on watch somewhere in the 5th battalion. Aaron rides backwards on Engine Company 28, and is usually found with a nozzle in his hands. His aspiration has always been to ride on the back of Engine 28, allowing him to work in the neighborhood he grew up in, (98118 shout-out!) He is known for his dislike of "the MAN", tendency to question authority, and zealous belief that good basics win. Aaron developed the skills shared in the Nozzle Forward in an unrelenting pursuit of all things engine. The skills are adapted from many sources, but reconstructed to be based around simple principles that maximize mechanical advantage. At the request of folks who wanted to see how he was going about hand-line use the Nozzle Forward was born as a program and has been keeping "pimp-hands loose" since 2008. When all else fails, give 'em a West Coast Salute . . . . .

Helmet and Fire Jacket

Date: November 27, 2019

Time(s): 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Cost: $150.00 per person

Lunch is included


Snohomish Fire & Rescue

Eldon Harvey Training Room

1525 Avenue D

Snohomish, WA 98290

Point of Contact

Jason Allen

Camano Island Fire and Rescue

(425) 508-2473


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Seats Remaining: 92