Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Snohomish County Fire Chiefs Association is comprised of nine(9) Chief Officers from around the county. Each board member is assigned respective responsibilities to manage for the operational aspect of the board. Below is a listing of current board members and their respective responsibilities.

• Chief Travis Hots

Fire District 22 - Getchell
E-mail: chiefhots@getchellfire.com
Phone: 360-659-6400

• Chief Chris Alexander

1st Vice Chair
Mukilteo Fire Department
E-mail: calexander@ci.mulilteo.wa.us
Phone: 425-263-8150

• Chief Kevin O'Brien

2nd Vice Chair
Lake Stevens Fire Department
E-mail: kobrien@lsfire.org
Phone: 425-212-3034

• Chief Jim Haverfield

Fire District 17
E-mail: jim.haverfield@gffd17.org
Phone: 360-691-5553

• Chief Keith Strotz

North Zone Representative
Fire District 19 - Silvana
E-mail: kstrotz@firedistrict19.com
Phone: 360-652-8277

• Chief Bruce Stedman

South Zone Representative
South County Fire
E-mail: bstedman@southsnofire.org
Phone: 425-551-1257

• Chief Eric Andrews

East Zone Representative
Fire District 7 / 26
E-mail: eandrews@snofire26.org
Phone: 425-356-7373

• Chief Mike Worthy

West Zone Representative
Fire District 27 - Hat Island
E-mail: worthymd@hotmail.com
Phone: 206-972-5019